Medicare Portability

MEDICARE PORTABILITY is Medicare coverage for eligible Americans who are living or traveling abroad. International Medicare coverage is currently prohibited by antiquated Medicare rues, except in rare circumstances.

Times have changed since Medicare began in 1966, when….

- US National Debt was $328.5 billion

- Dow Jones Industrial Average closed year at $785

- Average cost of new house was $14,200.00

The Medicare program began in 1966 when the life expectancy of Americans was 70 years, when few Americans could or wanted to retire abroad, when few countries had U.S. healthcare standards, and when Medicare spending was merely $3 billion.

Much has changed: Americans are living longer and many want to spend some part of their retirement abroad in order to stretch their limited retirement assets or to reunite with family. Many countries now have U.S. standards of healthcare at much lower costs. Meanwhile, the Medicare program spends $583 billion annually and is unsustainable without structural changes.

Updating Medicare to permit coverage in other countries would:

Medicare Portability makes sense.  It is time to update Medicare.


The Center for Medicare Portability, based in Washington D.C., is a non-profit, non-partisan research organization whose mission is to make Medicare available to eligible Americans who choose to live abroad.